Of thrones, elitists & electoral reform

Canada is not a monarchy. And therefore, there should not be an heir to the throne.

Through history, the privileged sons of elected leaders who’ve then become elected leaders themselves have failed their countries miserably (the best contemporary example, of course, being George W. Bush).

No matter how elitist, good looking or wealthy the son of Pierre Trudeau may be, he is not and never will be entitled to lead a country that did not elect him.

Due to our undemocratic voting system (FPTP) that saw the Liberals capture a false majority, Trudeau is now Prime Minister. And come hell or high water, he and his Liberals (the self-proclaimed ‘Natural Governing Party’) are determined to keep it that way.

Rather than respecting a year’s worth of research, testimony and fulsome debate which ultimately demonstrated Canadians’ desire to reform our broken electoral system, Justin Trudeau has now decided that he knows better than everybody, has cast their efforts aside, and broken his own promise on electoral reform.

So much for real change®.


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